15 décembre 2010

Interview with a new zealander.

one day I had an interview with a New Zealander: New Zealander named paul.logo_interview_1_



-hello paul ... You are a New Zealander?


-yes, I am a New Zealander ... Why?


-I can ask you some questions? because I'm leaving on a trip to New Zealand and I need to know more about this country.

Paul :

-Is good! the new zealand is a very beautiful country. what are your questions?

me :

-what is the best : the north or south of new zealand?


-hum ... north and south are differant because: In the South there are the glaciers, whales and the majestic peaks

while in the north, there are volcanoes,the beaches, Maori culture and culinary delights and wine !

this choice depends on you.


-Okay, so I'll be Traveling In The North and South.
thank you for the information paul.
goodbye .


-you're welcome my dear... bye-bye

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